1. Opening the preparatory period:

2. Operational development of:

3. Head office support

Instructions and conditions

  • Legally qualified organisations or individuals;
  • Necessary funding about HK$540,000;
  • Not a pursuit of profits, seek stable returns;
  • Maintain brand image and reputation;
  • Willing to abide by the conditions of contract to join

NO Initial fee !

HOW TO BE OUR Alliance

  1. Interested parties, submit application form and meeting will be arranged.
  2. After consideration and decided, proof of funds required by LaundrYup approval.
  3. Arrange for the signing of the Letter of Intent and pay the earnest money HK$40,000. (Eventually the two sides to sign a formal contract, HKD$40,000 earnest money paid as the  administrative fee)
  4. Letter of Intent to join valid for twelve months, the applicant may terminate the cooperation period. Upon termination, HK$40,000 earnest money will be set aside as application administrative fees.  Earnest money will not refund in any  circumstances.  If two sides failed to implement the shop, then it will be eligible for extended for another period of   twelve   months once.
  5. The letter of intent is valid for   twelve    months, if two sides failed to implement the shop, then it will be eligible for extended once, for another period of twelve    months.
  6. Appropriate shop will be assigned in accordance to the order of participants. In addition, we will organize a“How to find a suitable shop”tour each month.
  7. Signing a formal contract to join the alliance and pay the first part of investment.
  8. The process will be handled by law firm, the required proceedings costs with be equally shared
  9. All affiliate locations must be agreed by both parties.