We are the sole distributor of LG commerical laundry equipment in Hong Kong and Macau.


As a long-term success agent, the only way is to ensure that our customer equally successful.

Laundry industry is very a stable industry and 24 hrs Laundromat are very mature in other countries. Recent years, Hong Kong is facing rising rents and lack of manpower problem seriously.

24 hrs self-service laundry solved these problems:

1. less space required, 24 hours to improve operational efficiency

2. does not need to employ staff, eliminating understaffed worries


Self-service laundry is now rapidly developing as a low investment threshold, a competitive advantage in the market obviously. Launderette lifecycle can go more than 10 years, the annual business revenue to maintain a steady growth rate of 15-20%.


Now, LG has No.1 market share in more than 30 countries providing self-service laundry facilities , including the United States and Australia . It is now officially launch in Hong Kong and ready to become most famous self-service laundry store brands.